Our Services

Well recognized for handling complex cases, The Law Offices of Mark Jay Krum represents clients in white collar criminal defense cases, investigations, and sophisticated commercial litigation matters. Led by Mark Krum, one of the nation’s preeminent criminal and civil trial lawyers, the firm uses a highly focused team approach in preparation, investigation, motion practice and trial presentation, providing a highly personalized legal service.

We assist clients throughout the United States and around the world with their litigation, investigation and compliance needs. Our lawyers have successfully litigated high-profile cases both for and against the US government and large national and international companies. We have led countless sophisticated investigations in the US and overseas, including multi-year internal investigations in connection with some of the largest white collar prosecutions of all time. We have earned a reputation as tenacious advocates for those who have been wrongly accused by our government.   

What Sets Us Apart

We are a litigation, investigations and compliance counseling boutique.  Our size ensures that every matter is staffed and directly managed by Mark Jay Krum who is available around-the-clock.  We set budgets – and stick to them.  We provide legal advice that is practical and results-oriented. Wherever possible, we integrate the client’s in-house legal resources into everything we do.  We zealously adhere to a “no surprises” rule that emphasizes keeping the client informed of our work and our findings in real-time. 

We tolerate nothing less than excellence in the courtroom and we prepare for every matter as if it were going to trial. We are obsessed with accuracy, efficiency, responsiveness and our clients’ business, financial and reputational needs.  We involve our client in every step of the case to ensure the best outcome.  We emphasize clear-eyed risk/reward analysis in our counsel, and we employ a “Moneyball”-style analytics approach whenever appropriate, such as when we are assessing the costs of litigating a case or settling a dispute with the government.  

The things we don’t do are just as important.  We don’t employ inexperienced attorneys.   We don’t give our clients timid advice.  And we don’t waste our clients’ time, resources and credibility on unnecessary legal battles.